Santa Rosa Beach, Fla. - The controversy over 'deep injection wells' has energized a group of Walton County residents. They've formed an organization to educate others about the potential threat the wells pose to the water supply. As News 13's Peyton LoCicero tells us, they also say they want to send a message to the people issuing the well permits.

Safe Water for Walton, Inc. members say, they want to protect regional water and to continue fighting against 'deep injection wells'. Four Walton County residents say they founded the non-profit because they're concerned about the future of Walton County's water. 

"All the recreating that we do, all the kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, the fishing, the charter industry, all of that would be potentially impacted, if the 'deep injection well' permit were to be granted," explained Kelly Layman, Safe Water for Walton, Inc.

Many people believe 'deep injection wells' will allow toxic landfill leachate to seep into the groundwater, threatening the regional water basin. The watershed encompasses not just Walton County, but all or parts of Okaloosa, Bay, Holmes, Washington and Jackson counties. 

"The bad news is, if something threatens the watershed, it threatens the entire watershed, the entire public water supply, all the recreating that we do," said Layman.

With that in mind, Walton County Commissioners recently sent a letter of opposition to a proposed injection well in neighboring, Jackson County. The letter opposes permits of any kind for exploratory digging. 

"When we started this conversation with the County Commission in July and then, they eventually passed their resolution in September, there was a clear level of interest in the community of people being very concerned about this issue," explained Layman.

Safe Water for Walton members say, they want to continue the Commission's initial efforts.

That State permit for Jackson County is currently on hold until March, but the application review could be revived at any time.

For more information, visit their Facebook page at

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